Your LA Move

If you have lived in Los Angeles for any length of time you are familiar with the contrasts in landscape and architecture that exist adjacent to one another. Your location tells experienced LA movers something about your move before you even begin to describe what you have. Lets take a tour and see what your area looks like through the eyes of a mover.

Malibu homes sometimes have difficult driveways but usually present no special problems if the weather is good. The rainy season has been known to make the Pacific Coast Highway impassible, and hot weekends in the summer will find traffic moving at a crawl. Santa Monica is mover friendly, and movers love the convenient freeway access. Venice can present parking problems near the ocean, and trucks cannot cross the canal bridges due to weight restrictions. In that case it is necessary to park some distance away and ferry everything with a smaller vehicle. Marina del Rey is mover friendly if you are moving from or to a house. However if your move involves one of the large complexes it may require substantially more manpower due to the long walks that may be involved. The same applies to Playa del Rey. Parking garages in these complexes do not accommodate trucks. If you live close to the ocean in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, or Redondo Beach be advised that the high price of real estate in these areas frequently results in stairways and halls designed to occupy as little space as possible, so as to provide more living space per square foot. Unfortunately these narrow passageways sometimes prevent furniture from passing through, and hoisting may be required.

Moving inland to the west valley, homes tend to be designed with generous use of space and to be either one or two story. These homes in Thousand Oaks, Agoura, Calabassas, Hidden Hills, Woodland Hills, Canoga Park, Winnetka, Tarzana, Encino, Chatsworth, Northridge, Granada Hills, Mission hills, North Hills, Panorama City, Sun Valley and Arleta are indeed mover friendly. Topanga Canyon homes sometimes have difficult driveways or access roads, requiring goods to be shuttled by a smaller vehicle. Proceeding east across the valley, homes in Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys south of Ventura Boulevard usually have good access for movers, whereas the apartments which proliferate on the other side of Ventura Boulevard frequently are accessible only by elevator. It is commonly believed that elevators facilitate moving. They do make moving physically easier but they also consume time, and therefore add to expense, especially when the elevators are small or when there is a long walk to or from the elevator. Going west, roads and homes become more spacious in the communities of Glendale and Pasadena.

A mixed bag of apartments and homes are to be found in North Hollywood and Burbank. Areas of Studio City near Mulholland Drive may have twisting narrow roads which test the skill of a moving truck driver. This is also true of areas of Toluca Lake, Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Mount Washington, Highland Park, Echo Park, Silverlake, Los Feliz, and the Hollywood area north of Hollywood Boulevard usually referred to as the Hollywood Hills. Sometimes in these areas movers encounter long, unsafe outside stairways going up banks or hillsides, and countless moving trucks have had their tops damaged by low tree limbs. Also, finding an address in these hilly areas can be difficult so please give your mover explicit directions.

Older commercial and apartment buildings in Hollywood frequently have very small elevators which can hold little more than boxes and small chairs. Movers must hand carry larger items up or down the stairs.

This is also true of some buildings in West Hollywood. Roads in the hills in this area north of Sunset Blvd. can be difficult for a moving truck and are best served by two axle trucks rather than tractor trailers which may not be able to negotiate the narrow winding roads. Anyone moving in the West Hollywood or Beverly Hills communities needs to be aware that these two areas strictly enforce parking regulations and either the person moving or the moving company must obtain a parking permit at their respective city hall approximately two weeks in advance. Failure to do so could result in your move being halted while in progress. You will be given signs to post which will ensure a parking area for the moving truck on your move day.

The area of Laurel Canyon north of Hollywood Boulevard presents the same problems as the aforementioned hilly areas, with the exception of the modern homes in Mount Olympus. Homes off stretches of Beverly Glen also sometimes present access problems. Bel Air homes are generally more accessible, if you’re a good map reader. Westwood has notoriously poor parking, and apartments with elevators are the rule there. More mover friendly are the homes in Cheviot Hills, Rancho Park, Palms, and Mar Vista. The same applies to Brentwood and West Los Angeles, although Friday afternoon traffic there is a nightmare. The large residential complexes in Century City are a challenge to any mover. These affluent residents usually have a large quantity of furniture and goods to transport. Long walks are frequently encountered and all must be funnelled up or down an elevator. The large office buildings in that area also present the same difficulties. Far more mover friendly are the spacious homes of Hancock Park with their wide entrances. Turning south, again we find a mixed bag of structures in Culver City, the Crenshaw District, Hawthorne, Lawndale, Gardena, and Torrance. As in other areas individual houses provide for the most efficient moving whereas residences in complexes, particularly if on an upper level, require more time. Homes in the residential areas of Baldwin Hills, Westchester, and Ladera Heights present no special problems.

From the mover’s perspective the ideal move is from and to a one story house on a wide street.