A well packed home can be moved more safely and efficiently. If you choose to pack yourself we can provide the packing materials you will need, including small, medium and large packing boxes, dish packs, special boxes for pictures and lamps, packing tape, packing paper and bubble wrap. Or you can hire our expert Los Angeles movers to do your packing for you. For smaller homes and offices this can sometimes be done on the same day as the move. Larger residential and commercial properties are usually packed the day before the move.

Packing Tips

If packing yourself, begin at least one week prior to your move.

Most people underestimate the time and number of packing boxes required. Don't forget about our free moving boxes feature for returning up to 50 boxes in good condition for a refund, so get plenty!

Put some packing paper or bubble wrap in the bottom of the moving box when packing fragile items. If using packing paper, "scrunch" it first. This provides for more cushioning. Wrap each piece. Cushion the top and sides and fill each packing box. Use dish packs, a type of box with dividers, for valuable glassware, especially stemmed glassware, figurines and valuable china. Your plates and saucers should be packed in a vertical position. Do not leave empty space in a moving box.

The packing paper used and sold by moving companies is simply newspaper without print. Most people prefer packing paper because it has no ink, but both offer the same protection against breakage.

Books and other heavy items should only be packed in small packing boxes.

A few moving boxes without tops can be accommodated but these should be kept to a minimum.

Small pictures should be packed. Larger pictures will be packed by the movers.

Pack your lamps and lampshades, but if they don’t fit in a box the movers will pack them. Remove the bulbs and tie the electrical cords. If possible pack your smaller electronics in original boxes. Your mover will pack your TVs’ and larger speakers.

All packing boxes should be taped top and bottom with one strip along the center seam and one or two perpendicular to it.

Label or color code each box on two sides, but not on the top. When boxes are stacked the top cannot be read. Clearly label those packing boxes with fragile items so the movers can keep them at or near the top of the stack. Group boxes together that belong in the same room.

Clothing and linens in dresser drawers can be left there. The movers will place your hanging clothes and bedding in wardrobe boxes.

Do not pack valuables. Take them with you. Visit our moving tips page for more valuable information. Ask about our box refunds. We refund up to 50 boxes purchased from us.

When you employ our packing and moving services, we guarantee your complete satisfaction; contact us today for a free moving quote!