Adventures in Moving

Moving is difficult work but it is also interesting work because every move is different. Some of our more noteworthy moving experiences are...

  • We were called and asked to immediately move a gentleman from his upscale home because he could not live another day with his wife. That man was a tire salesman and for many years we purchased all our moving truck tires from him. His ex wife eventually married a wealthy and famous movie director, and called upon us to move her and her husband from Beverly Hills to Las Vegas. Their possessions completely filled five moving trucks.

    We have moved women who were leaving their husband or boyfriend without telling them. During one such move the man showed up. Needless to say it was an unpleasant situation. However the move continued to completion.

  • On a move from Los Angeles to Big Bear our moving truck broke down while carrying a full load. It required a new starter motor but it was a weekend so we offered to pay for an overnight stay but the shipper insisted that he could not wait. We located a new part and installed it in the evening by flashlight. The new residence had a driveway that had been freshly bulldozed on the side of an incline. While backing up this driveway in the dark the soft earth gave way and the moving truck leaned to one side so much that it appeared close to tipping over. We worked through the night unloading the moving truck. In the morning a tow truck came and pulled the moving truck into an upright position while the shipper slept.

  • Our moving estimator has been bitten twice by dogs...

  • While performing a moving quote our moving estimator turned a latch in a bathroom thinking it would open a cabinet, as he wanted to see what goods needed to be packed inside. However the latch was actually a lever which actuated the shower and the moving estimator got a soaking. Fortunately it was a warm day.

  • Our most memorable move was one we sadly never completed. On July 6, 1983 we received a call from Vicki Morgan. Vicki had been the mistress of the multimillionaire Alfred Bloomingdale from the famous Bloomingdale department store family. After Mr. Bloomingdale passed away she fell upon hard times. At the time she called she was living in a condo in Studio City and was being evicted. It was unusual for someone to schedule a large move on such short notice but we agreed to perform the move.

    In the morning we arrived to find police at the residence. Vicki had been murdered during the night by her roommate. Conspiracy theorists question who actually committed this murder as Vicky claimed to have been involved in sexual activities with other wealthy and influential people including some high ranking members of the Reagan administration and reportedly was planning on writing a book about it. The Bloomingdales were close friends with Ronald and Nancy Reagan.

  • Like other Los Angeles Moving Companies, we have worked for a number of celebrities over the years. However we actually employed one. Rodney A. Grant who played Wind in His Hair in Kevin Costner’s “Dancing With Wolves” was employed by Elephant Moving Company very near the time he was working on that movie. A Los Angeles moving celebrity!