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90068 Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Hills Movers

If you are thinking of moving to the Hollywood Hills, Elephant Moving is at your service. We provide a reliable and hassle free solution for all of your moving needs. When coming to the hills, you will be able to find a large variety of houses, ranging from luxurious mansions to more humble homes. Our movers are well experienced in the 90068 area and equipped to handle whatever your moving situation may be. Surrounded by abundant greenery, 90068 can make the perfect home for the nature loving Angelino. Whether you are coming to Hollywood Hills East or West you can find plenty of things to do in your neighborhood. Our experienced team of Hollywood Hills movers are available and ready to help with all of your moving needs. 

Professional Movers Serving 90068 For 40+ Years

The Hollywood Hills are a perfect location to get away from the chaos and commotion of the big city. This widespread area is broken up by the 101 Freeway into the East and West Hollywood Hills. Each side holds its own culture and activities. The East side consists mostly of neighborhoods. Like Beachwood Canyon, where you are sure to find plenty of places to eat, shop, and hike. This area was also the original location of the famous Hollywoodland, which drew in many celebrities for its seclusion, charm, and amazing views. It is now the perfect neighborhood for family friendly activities and a house with a view of the hollywood sign. The East side is also the home of a neighborhood called The Oaks. Which holds one of the most expensive and elegant gated communities called Valley Oak Drive

The West side of the Hollywood Hills has a completely different lifestyle compared to the east side. With its location closer to the city, the westside has a lively nightlife and well known landmarks in its area. Such as The Sunset Strip where you can find clubs, bars, music venues, and plenty of restaurants to enjoy on a night out. Right above the Strip you will find a neighbourhood called Bird Streets. Which consists of luxury homes, A-list celebrities, hiking trails, and the Doheny Dining Club that provides the perfect opportunity to get to know the members of this tight knit community. You can also find The Hollywood Heights located in the westside of the hills. This is also the home to a secluded luxury neighborhood, adjacent to The Hollywood Bowl. The area has plenty of places to visit like The Magic Castle, The secret stairs, and even high end restaurants like Yamashiro Hollywood. Although this is a widespread area to cover, our movers know it well. Our Family owned and operated company has been thriving in the greater Los Angeles area for the past 45 years. Elephant Moving’s reliable and professional staff are more than prepared to assist you in your big move. Allowing you to sit back and leave the hard work up to us.

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The Best Movers In the Hollywood Hills

As a family owned business, Elephant Moving’s primary concern is in customer service. Making sure that our company is able to provide a hassle free moving experience for you is our top priority. We want to take the time to listen to your requests and concerns pertaining to your moving process. We even send over one of our Hollywood Hills moving specialists to create an onsite moving estimate with no-obligations or strings attached. Just to make sure that you have a solid moving plan before you even start the process!

Elephant Moving understands that sometimes moving does not go as planned, which is why we have the best moving insurance as well as offer solutions for notable moving deadlines. Such as, moving out of your old location before your new property is ready. For this we have developed a storage program, where you can store your furniture in our short term/long term storage facility until your property is ready for move in. Our experienced packing team will come in and wrap, pad and move all of your items into our storage facility where they will be safe and remain in their original condition. Elephant Moving also knows that moving can easily add up and become expensive. Which is why if you choose to purchase moving boxes from us, we allow you to return up to 50 of your used boxes for their original price! Feel free to call today to request a FREE Quote at (310) 815-8304.