Your Agreement for Service requires that you choose from three levels of protection. Most people think of it as insurance but the PUC prefers that we refer to it as protection. These levels of protection and the charge for each from Elephant Moving Company is as follows:

Liability for Valuables:
Items of extraordinary value such as antiques, art objects, gold or silver articles, etc. must be listed and valued on the carrier’s shipping document or inventory, and the carrier must be given adequate opportunity prior to pickup to provide necessary protection for such items. Cash, jewelry, and personal valuables should be carried by the shipper.

Limitations on the Carrier’s Liability:
Generally speaking it must be demonstrated that the loss or damage is clearly due to the carrier’s negligence and not to preconditions or circumstances beyond the carrier’s control. Handling of your goods during the course of your move by anyone other than your contracted mover may nullify a claim.

If You Have Loss or Damage:
If you notice damage during your move you may make a notation on your Agreement for Service. However this does not constitute a claim. To file a claim you must submit your claim in writing to the carrier, describing any damage. If items are missing or cannot be repaired the carrier will need their value together with copies of receipts if available. If damage is to a packed item be sure to save the box and packing material.

Request a Claim Form: Your claim must be filed in writing within nine months of delivery.