Our Observations

After more than forty years of moving we can make some general observations.

  1. Men are pack rats. Women have their clothes and cosmetics but men have crafts, tools, collections, papers, athletic paraphernalia and even childhood toys that they just can not part with.
  2. Marriage helps. Couples, perhaps because they are assisting one another, seem better able to handle the moving experience.
  3. A study published in the April 2007 issue of the Journal of Counseling Psychology found that women have more power in making decisions than their husbands. Based on our experience we must agree with this conclusion as we find among couples that women are more likely to take the initiative in making arrangements for moving.
  4. Dogs love movers because it gives them a chance to bark, bite, or jump on someone (which is why we prefer they be elsewhere). Cats hate to be moved.
  5. Comparing moves is likely to be misleading. The same amount of furniture will take almost twice the man hours to move from one elevator building to another as to move from a one story residence to another. Access is very relevant to the cost of your move.
  6. Do you have firewood? Leave it. You don’t want termites and other crawling things going along for the ride.